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  • Peace Recipe

    Spearheaded by world-renowned Japanese chef, Keisuke Matsushima, the Peace Recipe project challenges chefs across the globe to develop an entirely new form of recipe – a recipe for peace. Peace Recipes created by cooperating chefs will be available periodically, with proceeds going toward projects designed to support sustainable food development in aid of struggling regions around the world.

    Keisuke Matsushima

    Moving to France at the age of 20, Keisuke opened the restaurant, Kei's Passion in Nice, France at the age of 25. Lauded for his unique and inspiring cuisine crafted around local ingredients, at the age of 28 he became the youngest foreign chef to ever receive a Michelin star in France in 2006. He currently owns and operates KEISUKE MATSUSHIMA restaurants in both France and Tokyo.
  • From bon-odori (traditional dance) to a unique Sake experience, regular hands-on onigiri (rice ball) stations, mochitsuki (mochi rice cake making), and a variety of original activities, Peace Kitchen Experiences are designed to communicate what makes food and food culture something worth celebrating, emphasizing the power of community and shared food experiences.



    Collaborating in order to serve as the first official home for Peace Kitchen Experiences will be Un Posto a Milano. This socially and culturally pioneering restaurant housed in an over 300-year-old historical building in the heart of Milan is renowned as a community-centric dining establishment, dedicated to uniting Italy's passionate farmers and food producers with diverse Milanese communities and international food-lovers.
  • Interactive Dining

    In collaboration with Rhizomatiks, many Peace Kitchen events will play host to the Peace Kitchen Table, as well as an original Japanese-style lantern installation designed to create a unique and interactive experience that visually depicts the feelings of community and peace being experienced by diners and participants, represented through a festive display of light, color, and music. The system is being developed to incorporate new forms of fundraising activities tied directly to the Interactive Dining experience.

    Interactive Dining


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  • Peace Food Stories

    From soy sauce to miso and everything in between, Peace Food Stories emphasize the fundamentals of Japanese home cooking. Hosting chefs and food specialists of various backgrounds, these hands-on programs are designed to both instruct and celebrate in the essence of Japanese cuisine and food culture.

    Peace Food Stories Cucinoteca


    This multi-purpose kitchen space in the heart of Milan features modern kitchen studio equipment (video systems, etc.) while hosting a variety of cooking courses emphasizing small groups and an interactive setting that facilitates the kind of cultural education and exchange unique and special to the kitchen.


Our kitchen wasn’t designed for cooking. It was designed for Peace. A sense of Peace and a respect for food have been inseparable in the Japanese kitchen for more than 1,200 years, making it the cultural catalyst for learning and community. To us, 'Japanese Food' is 'Peace Food,' with the power to bring people closer together, therefore bringing the world closer together. That's why we created the Peace Kitchen. You’re always welcome in the kitchen, where an insatiable appetite for Peace is exemplified by an unsurpassed passion for food.

Peace Kitchen 5 Principles

Partnership: Everyone is welcome in the kitchen. Cook together, learn together, play together, dine together. Where there's food, there's community. Equality: Taste how the Japanese kitchen can break down borders, span cultures, promote understanding, and bring multiple generations of food lovers together around the table. Awareness: Always a menu brimming with discovery, emphasizing ingredients that demonstrate close ties to seasonality, local growers, a sense of tradition, and a passion for experimentation. Community Experience: An array of workshops and experiences that exemplify the universality, as well as the diversity inherent in the traditions, language, and practices of the Japanese kitchen. Excitement: Ever-changing and always inspiring, there's always a new event, different personality, or an entirely fresh menu being cooked up in the Peace Kitchen. Whatever the surprise, expect unforgettable flavors to linger for years to come.


Company Name: Peace Kitchen Founding Directors : Masa Kogure, Hima Furuta, Kentaro Shihaku Address: 6-6-15 Roppongi, Minato-ku Tokyo Japan Google Maps Primary Business: - Food and dining establishment-related planning, development, branding, and content production. - Global branding support for corporations and regional municipalities. Sponsor: Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Official website In cooperation with Cool Japan Fund Inc. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries Fund corporation for Innovation, Value-chain and Expansion Japan
Masa Kogure (Executive Director of TABLE FOR TWO International) Masa is the Executive Director of TABLE FOR TWO and spearheaded its start in 2008. After graduating from Waseda University with majors in science and engineering, Masa enrolled in the Swinburn University of Technology in Australia to undertake artificialart research. After completing his master’s degree in 1999, he joined the Tokyo branch of McKinsey & Co, and was involved in institutional transformation, operational improvement, and sales strategies in such industries as healthcare, media, retail distribution and manufacturing. In 2005, he took a position at Shochiku Co., Ltd. to lead business development. TABLE FOR TWO
Hima Furuta (CEO of umari Inc.) Project designer born and raised in Tokyo, after voluntarily cutting his higher education at Keio University short in order to pursue real projects with a direct impact on working, thriving communities, Hima has since gone on to lead as a producer and innovator in the fields of community design, corporate branding, and regional development. Projects include the Morning University of Marunouchi, focused on connecting regional development throughout Japan with Tokyo-based professionals and global business solutions, restaurant Roppongi Nouen, bringing local growers and multiple generations of food lovers together with Tokyo-style entertainment, the Japan Local Innovators Committee (JLIC), connecting non-Japanese professionals based in Japan in order to brand and develop the nation’s resources globally, and Nippon Saiyuki (Journey to the West), a life work dedicated to rediscovering and communicating Japan’s ancient myths and culture to new generations. As president of Umari Inc., he spends nearly half of the year traveling the globe in search of incredible food experiences. umari
Kentaro Shihaku (CEO of GLIDER Inc.) Born in 1975 in Sendai. Creative Director.Studied in Keio University SFC campus and architecture design at Rome University in Italy. Worked at creative department of DENTSU from 2000.As a CM planner, he created various kinds of TV commercials and short films. After working in 72andSunny and Wieden+ Kennedy, in 2011 he established a creative boutique, GLIDER in Tokyo and Hayama. Members are architect, fashion designer, social entrepreneur and aroma therapist. By using creative methods and many approaches cultivated in both Japan and overseas, he embarked on various issues that enterprises and the society have. Currently, president of GLIDER. Received a number of awards in both Japan and overseas. 2014 D&AD “Film Advertising Crafts” Jury. GLIDER




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